Driver just 3 km/h shy of having vehicle impounded

LEEDS — A motorist in Leeds County came perilously close to having their truck impounded for a week — although they still face a hefty speeding fine after exceeding the posted limit by 47 km/h.

That’s just shy of the 50-over threshold that would have triggered an immediate seven-day licence suspension and vehicle impoundment for the same length of time, in addition to further financial penalties in court, under Ontario’s stunt-driving legislation.

A photo tweeted out by the officer that stopped the pickup shows its 127 km/h speed on the digital readout of the cruiser’s radar. A figure of 130 km/h would have put the truck at 50 km/h above a posted speed of 80 km/h.

“Just because you are 3 km/h under the stunt driving threshold doesn’t mean you won’t be getting a hefty speeding ticket,” warns the tweet.

Doing 47 km/h over the posted limit carries an approximate fine of $350 plus four demerit points. But the motorist involved was at least able to drive away from the scene with licence and vehicle, this time.

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