Ontario Emerging Jobs Institute debuts Monday in Cornwall

CORNWALL — The region’s newest training centre — the Ontario Emerging Jobs Institute (OEJI) — holds opening day activities this Monday, Jan. 14.

“After months of planning, we are thrilled to be welcoming our students and to start empowering them with skills for jobs of the future,” says Kelly Bergeron, Executive Director of the CIC and lead for the OEJI project.

Public opening ceremonies are scheduled 10 a.m. in the NAV CENTRE lecture theatre.


Touted as “custom built” for this region and based out of the Cornwall Innovation Centre, the OEJI offers free-bootcamp-style training, work placements, and startup incubation in four learning streams:

• Digital Skills: Designed to equip students with the skills necessary for a career in the digital sector. Instructor: Rodney Cryderman.

• Agritech Skills: Designed to teach learners about modern technologies that can be used to enhance farmers’ productivity and efficiency. Instructor: Sarah Barker.

• Business Skills: Designed to train students to be innovative business leaders of tomorrow. Instructor: David Juillet.

• Blended Learning: Designed to prepare advanced learners in the new economy using a combination of in-person and online training. Instructor: Rodney Cryderman.

The Institute will host a morning orientation session for its students, a tour of the facilities at NAV CENTRE. As well, Cornwall Mayor Bernadette Clement will address students about entrepreneurship, creativity, and the jobs of the future.

After the orientation activities, the afternoon (1-3 p.m.) and evening (6-8:30 p.m.) classes will officially kick off.

There’s still opportunity to apply to OEJI. The Institute requests that if you know someone who is interested in learning new skills, please direct them to register at www.oeji.ca or email admissions@cornwallinnovation.ca. In-person applications will be accepted through Jan. 14.

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