‘Galloping lines’ caused this morning’s outage, says Hydro One

In video above, Hydro One explains the phenomenon of “galloping lines” — cause of this morning’s power outage in the Nation Valley and beyond.

CHESTERVILLE — The local Hydro grid was victim of the runaway effect that cut power to 5,000 people in a broad swath of Eastern Ontario countryside between Morrisburg and Limoges this morning.

Hydro One crews managed to restore service this afternoon to the last customers affected by the outage produced by “galloping lines.”

The wintertime phenomenon sees power lines begin to wave powerfully in a zig-zag pattern along their length through a combination of wind and ice build-up.

Eventually, the wires slap together, breaking insulators and causing the power to go out. Hydro One spokesperson Richard Francella confirmed the phenomenon as the cause of today’s outage.

Galloping lines are explained in the Hydro One video at the top of this article.


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