WDMH invites you to have a seat in their new Emergency Room chair

Above, New WDMH Emergency Room Procedure Chair. Courtesy photo

WINCHESTER — Patients coming to the Emergency Room will be a little more comfortable, thanks to a new procedure chair, funded by the WDMH Foundation. The chair is used when patients require a cast or stitches.

“The old chair was from the 1990s and it helped fix up many people over the years,” says Team Leader Shannon Horsburgh. “The new chair offers many improved features. It moves electronically with foot pedals. It can go quite low to the ground so it’s easy for everyone to sit in. It can also move more into a bed-like position and even tilts back for those who might feel a little light headed with the ordeal of getting stitches or a cast.”

The chair costs $13,896.40.

“This essential equipment purchase was only possible because of our donors and their care for the patients that we serve at WDMH,” notes Kristen Casselman, Managing Director of the Foundation. “Many people do not realize that the provincial government does not fund medical equipment for hospitals, so we are so grateful for the support of our donors.”

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