Seaway Valley Crime Stoppers slaps on the cuffs and raises over $2,500

The footage above shows sympathetic shoppers ponying up $10 each to help hapless North Dundas Mayor Tony Fraser —  starting with Winchester resident Jan Clapp — while raising funds for Seaway Valley Crime Stoppers. 

WINCHESTER — North Dundas Mayor Tony Fraser was already freed of approximately half his burden of 250 handcuffs by noon Saturday — well on his way to generating $2,500 for Seaway Valley Crime Stoppers.

Passersby paid $10 to unlock each pair of handcuffs at Winchester Foodland. This year’s ‘Cuffed for a Cause’  fundraiser managed to spring Fraser from all 250 of the units somewhat sooner than last year’s ‘prisoner’ — Foodland proprietor Dan Pettigrew.

On top of the $2,500 resulting from the mayor’s participation, several hundred additional dollars were collected when other would-be prisoners presented “bail” money to SD&G OPP Const. Tylor Copeland — including Pettigrew, Chris Guy,


Above, Const. Tylor Copeland ‘arrests’ Chris Guy for the Seaway Valley Crime Stoppers fundraiser.


Winchester Public School office administrator Marie Shelp is picked up for the cause.

Mayor Tony Fraser, at the time of his ‘arrest’ for the fundraiser.

Dan Pettigrew and Const. Tylor Copeland.

Ron Blanchard, owner of Winchester Service Center and Tire Sales, is picked up by the constable for the charitable fundraiser.

Copeland also cuffed Kreg Raistrick, owner/operator of Winchester Print and Stationary.

Mayor Tony Fraser was in the middle of his ‘imprisonment’ when this photo was taken shortly after noon on Saturday. Posing with the cuffed-up mayor are Winchester Foodland proprietor Dan Pettigrew (left), SD&G OPP Const. Tylor Copeland (right) and Councillor John Thompson. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

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