Tilted Steeple Coffee House kicks off 2019

The acts at last Friday's Tilted Steeple show came together for a final jam session, from left: Tony Glen, Peter Fortin, Virginia Dipierro, Ted Guthrie, Harmony Koiter and Rachelle Eves. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

MORRISBURG — The basement at St. James Anglican Church rang with folk and folk-rock tunes as the Tilted Steeple Coffee House resumed its regular live music series Friday night in the South Dundas village.

A fundraiser to help settle Syrian refugees, the venue was packed for performances by Peter Fortin, Virginia Dipierro, Chesterville-based trio Ha’loonie and the Tilted Steeple’s longtime guitar-picking sound man, Ted Guthrie.

A multi-year tradition that transforms the downstairs at the 20 High Stree Parish Hall into a live secular music venue several times between late fall and early spring,  the Coffee House draws its name from the distinctly tilted steeple at spectacular St. James. The fourth season resumes  Friday, Feb. 5, with featured artists Kayleigh Styles, Bruce Kallan, Camil Lapointe and Isabelle Delage/Plain Folk. At least two additional dates are set beyond that.

Belowk, Chesterville-based trio ‘Ha’loonie’ — featuring three associates of the Dundas County Players Theatrical Society — play the Tilted Steeple Coffee House in Morrisburg. The clip concludes with a bit of the final jam that included the other featured performers that evening, Virginia Louise DipierroPeter John Fortin and Ted Guthrie.
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