South Dundas Art Hanging program continues for sixth consecutive year

Above, painting by 2019 South Dundas Hanging Art participant 14 year old South Dundas artist Gina Bonhomme. Courtesy photo

SOUTH DUNDAS — 2019 marks the 6th anniversary of the South Dundas Art Hanging Program. Since its inception, the program has featured a variety of artists from budding hobbyists to experienced professionals.

“We welcome all artists from Dundas County to participate,” explains Katherine Wells, Communications Coordinator. “We’ve received so much positive feedback from the public who enjoy seeing the local art on the walls. Each year when we transition to a new session, everyone is excited to see what will be featured next.”

All spaces have been filled since the 6 years the program has been running.

Artists participating in the 2019 display period are:

  • Gina Bonhomme
  • Marcel Quesnel
  • Ben Macpherson
  • Elsie Gallinger

Full biographies for the artists are below. Art can be found on the walls of the 2nd and 3rd floors of the South Dundas Municipal Centre. The program fills up quickly, and those interested in participating in the 2020 season can contact Katherine Wells at 

Featured Artists biographies

Elsie Gallinger

Always searching for new experiences, Elsie Gallinger is well versed in a variety of art mediums. From oil to watercolour, impressionistic to textured, Elise enjoys developing new palettes and painting the landscapes of rural Ontario. A retired teacher, Elise continues to expand her knowledge of art through courses, research and experimentation. She is also a great admirer of the Group of Seven.

Gina Bonhomme

Gina moved to Iroquois three years ago. Originally from Chateauguay, Quebec, she enjoys the peace and quiet of her new surroundings.

Gina is constantly sketching or painting, she also enjoys creative writing and poetry. At fourteen years of age she is not formally trained in art, but has always enjoyed expressing her creative side using different mediums.

Marcel Quesnel

Marcel is an impressionist oil painter. He finds inspiration in all that surrounds him and combines all elements from different sources to create a composition. The stories behind his art not only have meaning but also show moods and passions in a glory of colours.

Ben Macpherson

Ben Macpherson is a true Blue-noser at heart having been born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His roots to the East Coast and the ocean are evident in much of his photography. Ben spent is formative years in Williamsburg and continues his ties to South Dundas working for the Municipality. He enjoys using photography to tell stories of the areas he’s visited and the lands that have shaped his life.

About the South Dundas Art Hanging Program

The South Dundas Art Hanging Program provides residents of Dundas County with an opportunity to display their work at the South Dundas Municipal Centre for a 1-year display period.

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