Endorsements flow for Eric Duncan, including nod from MPP McDonell

Eric Duncan (left) and MPP Jim McDonell, who is endorsing the former North Dundas mayor as the next federal Conservative candidate in S-D-SG. Zandbergen photos, Nation Valley News

NORTH DUNDAS — Add local MPP Jim McDonell to those endorsing Eric Duncan’s intent to become the next Conservative MP for S-D-SG.

McDonell threw his support behind the former North Dundas mayor’s bid to replace the outgoing Guy Lauzon today.

“Eric Duncan has been there for us many times and now we are proud to be there for him as he seeks to become our next Conservative Member of Parliament locally,” said the Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MPP, writing on behalf of himself and wife Margie in Facebook post this morning. “Eric is hard-working, caring, and has the experience and skills to do a great job.

“He has our full support- and we ask for you to join us!”


Duncan served as McDonell’s campaign manager in the last three provincial elections.

The 31-year-old is now himself in pursuit of the brass ring for the upcoming federal election this October. He declared his bid for the Tory nomination last week, a few days after Lauzon, his former boss, announced he would not seek re-election.

Lauzon has not yet endorsed his perceived heir apparent.

However, Duncan has already received notable support from  a number of municipal politicians, including his mayoral successor in North Dundas, Tony Fraser, and the rest of North Dundas Council. Several others have chimed in with endorsements from North Stormont and South Dundas as well.

This article was edited to correct Duncan’s age. He turned 31 in November.




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