Three Nancy’s Fancy pizza-crust products recalled by CFIA; 15 Betty’s brand products recalled

All other Nancy’s Fancy bread and bun products ‘not affected’

CHESTERVILLE — The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) yesterday recalled 15 Betty’s brand products due to “possible contamination from mice infestation” at the involved bakery in Pointe Claire, Quebec.

Also caught up in the recall are three pizza-crust products made for Mike Dean Super Food Store’s in-house brand, Nancy’s Fancy.

All other Nancy’s Fancy baked products and bread are unaffected and are produced in different facilities, Mike Dean’s emphasized in an email today.

“The bakery in Pointe Claire, Quebec that manufactures our Nancy’s Fancy PIZZA CRUST products has recalled the three Pizza Crust products we sell in our stores. These have been removed from sale and anyone that has purchased them we ask that you return them for a full refund,” the company says. “All other Nancy’s Fancy Bread and Nancy’s Fancy Bun products are not affected and are fully safe to enjoy as they are baked and packaged in completely separate bakeries in Montreal and Saint-Jerome.”

The CFIA warns that products on the recall list may contain “harmful bacteria” and advises they be thrown out. See the list below.

Update: Betty’s apologized for the situation in a Feb. 9 release reassuring the public the involved products — representing less than 0.5 percent of Betty brands — have been removed from points sale in Quebec and Ontario.

Betty’s sliced bread products were not part of the recall.

The firm also announced the immediate termination of its manufacturing contract with Alimentaires Firouz without notice.

“All other generic products of the company manufactured in our main factory respect all Canadian safety standards in effect,” said Betty bakery CEO Guillaume Talbot. “I would also like to point out that we acquired this prestigious brand [Alimentaires Firouz] last December and that the integration process has not yet been completed. The low manufacturing volume of this subcontracted manufacturer is why we had not yet inspected this production plan. We offer our sincere apologies and we take this situation very seriously, we are taking all required measures to ensure that this unfortunate event remains an isolated case. Rest assured that we will offer our complete cooperation with the authorities and our total transparency with the public.”



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