It’s Agriculture Day; thank a farmer

The sun rises on Agriculture Day in the heart of Eastern Ontario farm country, near Chesterville. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

EASTERN ONTARIO — As the sun rises on Agriculture Day, Ontario’s Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs reflects on the “special occasion” with a statement issued this morning.

Says Ernie Hardeman of the Day recognized across the nation:

On Canada’s Agriculture Day, we honour the farmers here in Ontario and across the country who work hard to produce the safest, high-quality food that Canadians, and people around the world, enjoy every day.

It’s a special occasion to recognize the farmers and agricultural businesses who feed our families, and for consumers to learn about farm operations and how our food is produced.

From day one, our government has defended and offered our full support to Ontario’s farming sector. We have remained particularly concerned following the announcement of CUSMA in the Fall, of its impact on Ontario’s dairy market and agricultural sector. I applaud Premier Ford’s strong commitment to protecting jobs in the agriculture industry, and making Ontario open for business. Our government will continue to defend Ontario’s agricultural and economic interests, at home and abroad.

There are lots of exciting activities and events being held across the province, and the country to celebrate Canada’s Agriculture Day, including farm tours and open houses, to connect Canadians with the agriculture industry and showcase the growing opportunities it provides. I encourage everyone to take some time to participate in an event in your community, or find another way to thank a farmer for the hard work they do.

For me, each day is Canada’s Agriculture Day. Each day, we are standing up for Ontario’s farmers by strengthening and protecting our supply-managed sectors, reducing unnecessary red tape for farmers and agribusinesses while protecting food safety, and creating an environment where farm and agribusinesses can grow and prosper.

Today, and all year round, let’s appreciate the incredible contribution farmers make to our rural communities and the many quality products they bring to our dinner tables.

Below, a recent scene of life on the farm in the Township of South Stormont.

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