Duncan lands Lauzon’s endorsement

Guy Lauzon (right), seated with Eric Duncan on Jan. 26, the day the MP opened up the Conservative nomination in S-D-SG by announcing he would not seek re-election this fall. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

EASTERN ONTARIO — Former North Dundas mayor Eric Duncan now has the official blessing of the man he hopes to replace as MP in Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry.

Guy Lauzon, 74, formally endorsed Duncan, 31, for the federal Conservative nomination last night.

Lauzon’s thumbs-up was no surprise given the MP’s friendship and trust in Duncan, whom he employed as his executive assistant for nine years until the younger man sought a change of pace and went to work at his father’s trucking business. Duncan also quarterbacked three of Lauzon’s successful elections as campaign manager.

Duncan announced his bid to become the next Tory candidate a few days after Lauzon revealed late last month that he won’t seek re-election after more than 15 years as MP in S-D-SG.

The endorsement of the veteran outgoing MP — described by the last Tory prime minister as a “tower of strength” for the Harper government — dramatically increases the likelihood Duncan will cruise to the nomination within weeks — possibly unopposed.

Lauzon’s would-be successor has similarly received nods of approval from the MP’s current executive assistant, Adrian Bugelli, the riding’s current Progressive Conservative MPP Jim McDonell and a number of municipal politicians.


Appearing with wife Frances in yesterday’s Facebook post about Duncan’s candidacy, Lauzon declared:

Having served our community for 15 years and being through 6 election campaigns, I know what it takes to be a Member of Parliament. Eric Duncan has what it takes to be successful and he has the full support of Frances and myself in his bid to become our next Member of Parliament.

We thought long and hard about staying neutral in the Conservative nomination contest, but we’ve been overwhelmed with the positive reaction and support that Eric has received from every corner of our riding. He truly deserves it.

Eric is smart, kind, compassionate, hardworking, and is exactly the type of candidate Andrew Scheer and our Conservative Party need for a bright future.

Whether it has been as one of the youngest Councillors, Mayors, or Wardens in Canadian history, or as my lead staff member and campaign manager for 9 years, I know first hand that Eric is experienced, energetic and ready on Day 1 to make a difference.

Please join Frances and I by liking Eric’s page here. Also take 2 minutes to visit www.EricDuncan.ca where you can sign up for a free lawn sign or pledge to help out.

Eric has been very helpful to the Conservative cause locally and nationally. Let’s get behind him and give him the support he needs to help send Justin Trudeau packing this fall.

Duncan said the “big endorsement” from the Lauzons “meant a lot” and he looked forward to having the couple on his campaign.

Duncan and Lauzon break bread last week (above).

North Stormont Mayor Jim Wert is among the municipal politicians throwing their support behind the Winchester resident (see below).

This article was edited to correct Duncan’s age. He turned 31 in November.

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