If you were the driver that hit our dog, please come forward to help with the vet bill

Raina Clive's dog, Tobias, after being hit by a vehicle.

The Editor:

At approximately 8:40 a.m. this morning my dog Tobias was hit by a truck on Saving Rd (off County Rd. 31).  It was a loud, dark-in-colour, four-door truck.  The driver did not stop as he/she may not have known that they had hit an animal.

My dog was left severely injured on the side of the road and would have died if I had not been there. Our dog, Tobias, is just over a year old and is a loyal friend and protector to my one- and three-year-old girls as well as myself while my husband is away. We are asking for the driver to please do the right thing and come forward. We will need assistance with a very large vet bill that we cannot pay on our own.

We love Tobias and do not want to face the hard decision of having to euthanize him.

Raina Clive

South Dundas

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