WDMH celebrates Valentine’s Day and shares its love for its Moms!

Above, Winchester District Memorial Hospital’s celebrates first baby of 2019, baby Teo. Photo courtesy of the Winchester Press

WINCHESTER — As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we also celebrate new Moms and their families. Recent regional data shows that the WDMH Childbirth Team is leading the way in supporting Moms before, during and after delivery.

“Seven hundred and twenty-nine babies were born at WDMH last year and we want to make each Mom’s experience the best it can be,” notes Dr. Shamsa Deeb, Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology. “We are very proud of these recent results.”

The Champlain Maternal Newborn Regional Program (CMNRP) tracks everything from cesarean section rates to breastfeeding support. WDMH was ranked #1 and was a high performer in several reports.

For example, WDMH has the lowest rate of repeat cesarean sections (c-sections) for women who have previously had one. Our team was also praised as the best performer for supporting women who chose to have a vaginal birth after previously having a c-section.

WDMH is also a high performer in supporting women who want to breastfeed their new babies. Our baby-friendly program provides teaching and support.

“The regional program tracks this type of data to identify and support quality improvement opportunities. We want to continually learn and improve,” says Cholly Boland, CEO. “Congratulations to WDMH’s Maternal Child team for these accomplishments.”

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