Dog ‘Tobias’ convalescing after hit-and-run driver strikes canine accompanying owner to mailbox

Raina Clive and her dog, Tobias, at the animal hospital in Ottawa, after he was struck by a truck while they fetched the mail together on Friday morning.

WILLIAMSBURG — A German shepherd that was struck by a hit-and-run driver while accompanying his master to the mail continues to convalesce at an Ottawa animal hospital after a regional dog-rescue organization stepped in to ensure payment for medical treatment.

A pickup truck ran into 16-month-old ‘Tobias’ in broad daylight around 8:40 a.m. Friday morning as his owner, Raina Clive, stood at the mailbox on Savings Street, north of Williamsburg, in the Municipality of South Dundas. The vehicle kept on going.

Her young dog “was just standing beside me as I was checking my mail, and the second I turned my back around corner of my eye he got the hit,” Clive told Nation Valley News today, a day after writing a letter to the editor appealing for the driver of the “loud, dark-in-colour” four-door truck to come forward to assist with a vet bill that had reached over $2,200 yesterday.

“When he got hit, he rolled on the road and I ran up to him; then he was able to get up, and he walked into the house with me,”  the married mother of two young children recounted, offering more detail about the incident than her original letter in which she described Tobias as “protector” to her one- and three-year-old daughters. “I didn’t have a chance to think, it happened so fast. I was in shock, but I did break down in tears once I got inside my home …” she recounted.

“He was yelping really loud and he [saw] me crying and he started licking my face to help me calm down,” she said.

Clive called a friend, Amanda Williamson, a volunteer with Rocky Road Rescue, and they rushed the canine to VCA Canada Alta Vista Animal hospital where he was found to have an abdominal bleed as well as a pneumothorax with contusions.

Williamson told NVN this morning that she and Clive are back at the Alta Vista emergency department as Tobias is having “bloody liquid bowel movements.”

Fostering dogs in the Smiths Falls, North Dundas and Ottawa areas, Rocky Road Rescue has agreed to cover Clive’s veterinary bills, establishing a payment plan to cover the unfunded balance. The group also issued a public appeal on Saturday to help cover the costs:

Yesterday morning tragedy struck our pack! Tobias, one of our frequent pack members was hit by a truck! He was with his mom getting the mail as they do each morning, when a truck came speeding down their road. Tobias stepped infront of his mom and that’s when he was hit. The driver of the truck never stopped. Tobias was admitted into VCA Alta Vista Animal Hospital. They found a slow abdominal bleed as well as a pneumothorax with contusions. He was stabilized through the night and released this afternoon with multiple medications as well as follow-up instructions for blood work and x-rays. Tobias is a hero in my eyes as I feel he knew that his mom was in danger and put himself between her and the truck that could have hit her instead. Tobias took the hit to protect her. There has been quite a few people asking if they can give a donation towards Tobias’ vet bill. The total so far for Tobias’ care is $2,225.89. Rocky Road Rescue has decided to help Tobias and his family out by paying the emergency bill. This ensured that Tobias recieved the necessary treatment immediately and payment arrangements with his mom could be made at a later time. Anyone wishing to donate to Tobias’ care may do so through Rocky Road Rescue via e-transfer to Please use Tobias as the password. Tobias is recovering well so far, but it has only just begun.

Another Rocky Road Rescue volunteer described the situation as “terrible for all involved.”

Clive’s own letter yesterday appealing to the driver of the absconding vehicle to come forward was criticized by some on social media who suggested the  involved motorist should claim for any damages to the truck caused by a dog that shouldn’t have been on the road. However, Clive’s letter did not include the contextual  information that her dog was allegedly hit while in the nearby presence of his owner — possibly putting the driver’s decision to not stop in a somewhat different light.

NVN has asked the OPP to comment on whether the involved driver risks being charged with failing to remain at the scene of an accident if identified.

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