Forget pipelines and rail, why not ship oil by air?

by Garfield Marks

Investing in crude oil transportation is an expensive, a controversial and a political game, especially when it comes to shipping to tide water.

Private corporations around the globe are investing in bulk tankers to ship crude oil across the oceans, we just need to get it to tide water.

Federal Liberal government has spent $4.5 billion on a current pipeline. With a population of 36.71 million people, means that every Canadian has spent by proxy $122.60 on a pipeline. We could spend another $9 billion twinning the pipeline to triple the flow of crude for a total $13.5 billion or $367.75 per Canadian.

Provincial NDP government of Alberta is investing $3.7 billion on rail cars to ship oil to tide water. Alberta’s population is 4.286 million people which means every Albertan will be spending $863.28 on rail cars to ship oil.

With tongue firmly in cheek I must ask if the Conservatives either provincially or federally will out do the competition and invest in the last option; air. They could invent or invest in bulk tanker aircraft. They have planes that fuel airplanes mid-flight so why not fly crude oil to tidewater?

Every Albertan is committed to $,1231.00 in shipping more oil so what’s another $1,269.00 to make it $2,500. It’s only money, and I am sure the politicians can find a way to subsidize the top 1 percent, so they won’t suffer too badly. They could cut funding to seniors, health, education and other programs the average Albertan uses. It would cover all the bases, so what will the Conservatives bring to the game? We’re waiting.

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