Fundraiser now underway to overhaul Dixon’s Corners Cenotaph

MORRISBURG — A fundraising effort to refurbish and improve the “Matilda Township” Cenotaph has begun — following a pitch positively received last week at the South Dundas Council table. The municipality owns the subject site at the Matilda Hall in Dixons Corners.

The Cenotaph itself falls under the jurisdiction of the Iroquois Legion. Branch 370’s Darlene Riddell accompanied Winchester resident Eric Duncan to the council meeting where they presented the $64,000 plan to the local politicians.

Duncan says the fundraising effort will see custom-engraved walkway bricks sold at $150 apiece.

He says they need to sell a minimum $7,500-worth of bricks, assuming Veterans’ Affairs Canada and EDP Renewables — the local wind farm operator — supply a combined $50,000 in expected grants. The municipality would also chip in about $4,000 toward the walkway aspect of the project.

See the pledge form below to sign up and buy an engraved walkway stone for the cause. Print off, fill out with engraving and other details and submit with your cheque. Also see additional renditions of the site as envisioned after the improvements, underneath.


A computer rendering of what the improved site will look like.

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