NVN’s Road to Local Business Expo 2019 Contest

See clues 1 through 10 at bottom of article

NORTH DUNDAS — The third annual Local Business Expo goes ahead April 27.

As promoters and participants in the Expo Nation Valley News wants to give you the chance to win a $100 Gift Card for Samantha’s Emporium just for reading our stories and attending the show! We are calling this NVN’s Road to Expo 2019 Contest!

There is no need to sign up to participate. Simply click on our stories and look for this ad (seen below) within the story.

Every week leading up to the April 27 event we will reveal a clue (under the ad above) within a few of our stories. Each clue will provide help you to answer our riddle.

There will be 10 clues. Nine clues — one per week — will be given out between now and Expo day.

To receive the final clue you must visit Samantha at the Samantha’s Emporium booth on Expo Day and she will give it to you. Once you have the clue, head on over to the Nation Valley News booth, fill out a ballot with your name, number and correct answer and drop it into our ballot box.

Each correct answer will then be entered into our Grand Prize Draw.

The draw will be done LIVE on the Expo stage at the end of the show.

A $100 Gift Card for Samantha’s Emporium and a one-of-kind NVN Road to Expo 2019 shirt courtesy of Samantha’s Emporium can be yours just for reading your local news on NVN and attending the Local Business Expo 2019.

Happy sleuthing!

Clue #1:
‘All about North Dundas’

Clue #2:
‘The future’s so bright …’

Clue #3:
‘A fixture of Main Street’

Clue #4:
‘Lots of Shiny Things’

Clue #5:
‘A talented individual’

Clue #6:
‘A settlement bears the name’

Clue #7:
‘A spot at the table’

Clue #8:
‘Baby boomer’

Clue #9:
‘Family jewels’

Clue #10
‘He got the highest number of votes in the last North Dundas election.’


And the answer is: Gary Annable

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