Mena Hardy and The Stellas to play McCloskey’s on International Women’s Day, March 8

Mena Hardy is shown belting out a Janis Joplin number at McCloskey's in June 2017. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

This Friday at 22 Victoria Street, Chesterville, a fundraiser for Naomi’s Resource Centre

CHESTERVILLE — She’s rocked out at McCloskey’s a number of times, and this Friday, Janis Joplin-esque Mena Hardy and bandmates return to demonstrate a woman’s power while supporting Naomi’s Resource Centre.

Starting at 9 p.m., the March 8 benefit concert for the local women’s shelter coincides with International Women’s Day. Admission is $10 for the cause.

“I am very passionate about women’s issues and consider myself a leader of the #metoo movement here in SD&G,” explains Hardy, set to perform with “all-star local female supergroup,” The Stellas.

“I have enjoyed the thrill and the power of being a professional rock ‘n’ roll front woman in a very male dominated industry for over 10 years,” she adds. “I have enjoyed many successes and I consider it a privilege to represent women in the music industry here locally and in Toronto and Southern Ontario where I played extensively for over 5 years.”

Three of the four members of The Stellas will be on the 22 Victoria Street stage. Cornwall-based 90’s rockers Red Flag will open the show, which starts at 9 p.m.

Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

A veteran of hundreds of live performances,  including “many philanthropic efforts,” Hardy says this Friday’s date represents her first organized with the help of The House of Lazarus and other local volunteers.

“When I started playing guitar, I remember it not being a woman’s place to be a musician and play rock on top of that,” she recalls, reflecting further on International Women’s Day.  “According to Socan [The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada], only eight percent of the musician population is represented by women. I feel it is important for me to pave the way for future female musicians and make them feel they truly have a place in this industry. I also feel it is important to share the sense of power and confidence that I get as a rock ‘n’ roll front-woman, which I not only use on stage but in my everyday life.

“This is why this event is not only important in respect to raising funds for a local women’s charity, but elevating womankind as a whole here in SD&G.”

Mena Hardy and The Stellas have toured extensively throughout Ontario and Quebec. They are billed as a group of “powerhouse women” who have “joined forces with a combined 60 years of professional experience to make their mark on the music scene and pave the way for other female musicians in the rock ’n’ roll industry.”

Hardy is herself an international award-nominated songwriter appearing since 2012 on commercial rock radio across Canada as well as on promotional videos, commercials and movies. She also has shared the stage and has recorded music with internationally renowned musicians, which can be heard on her 2013 release, It’s Been Mean and Hard.

Below, Hardy is captured on video during a couple of previous solo appearances at McCloskey’s (without The Stellas).
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