South Dundas seeks feedback on streetscape and roundabout plan

Robinson Consultants proposed design plan for the Morrisburg roundabout.

MORRISBURG — One of the busiest but most pedestrian-unfriendly transportation corridors in SDG has taken a theoretical step closer toward a major makeover, including the proposed construction of a roundabout: County Rd. 31 through Morrisburg.

The Municipality of South Dundas has reached the stage of seeking public input on a consultant’s draft ‘streetscape’ plan for millions of dollars in proposed improvements along the roadway. In addition to envisioned new sidewalks, pedestrian crossovers and trees and landscaping along number 2’s main stretch through the village, the Robinson Consultants draft foresees a roundabout to replace the existing traffic lights at the County Rd. 31 intersection.

The United Counties of SDG has shown recent favour to building roundabouts on County Rd. 2, having installed three previous examples — in Long Sault and Iroquois. That work was also preceded by similar community consultations now occurring for Morrisburg. The municipality hosted an open house on the subject last week.

Robisons’ planning work was funded by a provincial grant. Actual changes — should they go ahead — would happen as a partnership between the United Counties and the Municipality of South Dundas, now encouraging residents to email feedback on the plan by March 22. See all related streetscape proposal documents at the South Dundas website.

Below, the Robinson Consultants video depicts the envisioned draft plan for County Rd. 2 with a virtual overflight also showing a roundabout at the intersection of 2 and 31.
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