Inductees for this year’s Dundas Farmers Ag. Hall of Fame announced …

Above, a crowd shot of the 2017 edition of the Dundas Farmers Ag Hall of Fame Inductions & Charity Gala. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

DUNDAS COUNTY — The Dundas Agricultural Hall of Fame Committee is pleased to announce this year’s Inductees to the Dundas Agricultural Hall of Fame.

Inductees will be recognized for their achievements at the Dundas Farmers Ag Hall of Fame Inductions & Charity Gala April 6 at the Joel Steele arena in Winchester.

Inductees include:

Gordon Garlough – Nominated by the Dundas Federation of Agriculture

Above, Gordon Garlough. Courtesy photo

Gordon’s Background in Dundas County and in agriculture is long standing. Gordon graduated in 1964 from the University of Guelph specializing in field crops. Gordon’s first career was as a teacher for 10 years, but his agricultural roots remained strong and in 1974, he returned home with his wife Gladys and their two children, to Williamsburg to farm the family farm with his father and brother Bruce. Over the next four decades Gordon has given endlessly of his skills, time and energy to help agriculture move forward: locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. His volunteer experience holds a long list of community involvement. Post the Walkerton tragedy, Gordon’s strategic approach to agriculture on Environmental policies helped design and provide a baseline for Environmental and Nutrient Management regulations that have shaped farming today here in Ontario and are being mirrored in other provinces.

Gordon Smith – Nominated by Dundas Farm Safety

Above, Gordon Smith. Courtesy photo

Gordon has been involved in agriculture for greater than 35 years, Gordon and his wife Margaret moved to their farm on forward rd. Chesterville in 1974. Operating their dairy Farm until 2001 then transitioning to cash crop while, expanding their land base. Gordons contribution to the agricultural community within his various roles on committees is exemplary and he is passionate about being safe around the farm or any workplace and he readily educates on the facts of “Awareness is Safety.” Gordon’s volunteer work has contributed to the overall betterment of the Agricultural community in Dundas.




Dianne Harkin – Nominated by Laurie Chiasson

Above, Dianne Harkin. Courtesy photo

Diane moved to Dundas County to their farm outside Winchester in 1971 with her husband Dan, active Dundas Federation members locally and provincially. In 1975 Dianne established “Women for the Survival of Women in Agriculture” (WSA) a grassroots rural organization established by women to help their rural communities to preserve the family farm and to gain recognition for the role of women in farming.
Dianne’s hard work & dedication to bring the voice of rural communities and woman for change.


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