Enbridge grant to help provide N. Dundas firefighters with more air during power outages

Above, members of the Morewood Fire Department accept Enbridge grant. (left to right) Shelby Chambers, Eric Wilson,Dan Kelly, Mayor Tony Fraser, Enbridge rep. Alek Dupras, Fire Chief Ken Byers, Shawn Mattice, Doug MacGregor. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

MOREWOOD — North Dundas firefighters can now breathe safer and longer Thanks to a very generous grant from Enbridge.

Alek Dupras, Senior Right of Way Agent from Enbridge stopped by the Morewood Fire Department March 6, to present a $7,500 cheque to the department.

“I’m glad I personally had the chance to deliver these,” said Dupras.

Former Winchester Fire Chief and current North Dundas Mayor Tony Fraser was also their to accept the grant.

“I wanted to be here to generally express my gratitude for your commitment to our community,” explained Mayor Fraser. “This initiative will help provide dire air management systems, which will supply air at all times to our firefighters,” the Mayor added.

He then presented Dupras with a certificate of appreciation from the Township.

Morewood Fire Chief Ken Byers explained just how important this money is to the department and what it will be used for.

“Our existing generator is not big enough to run the fill station, so we need something bigger,” Chief Byers said. “Last year there was a power in town and we had a fire to attend. Went went to fill the air bottles and realized our generator wasn’t strong enough,” he insisted.

He noted that the generator had not been replaced since the 1998 Ice Storm.

“This is the only fill station in North Dundas,” said Fraser.

Byers then explained that they brought the issue up with the steering committee and it was then passed on to Jess Manley at the Township Office.

“Jess is the Administrative Assistant that supports the fire station. Jess got the ball rolling!” stated Mayor Fraser.

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