Local Mayors take a sweet bite of maple at annual Dundas Seed Show

Above, (left to right) South Dundas Mayor Steven Byvelds, Conservative Party Candidate Eric Duncan, and North Dundas Mayor Tony Fraser acted as guest judges for the baking competition portion at the annual Dundas Seed Show, March 8. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

DIXONS CORNERS — Over 40 agricultural booths were set up at Dundas Soil and Crop Improvement Association’s annual Dundas Seed, Forage and Agricultural Show, March 8.

A popular event during the show is the baking competition.

This year’s baked goods of choice was a half dozen of home baked maple butter tarts.

Above, A creative display of maple butter tarts. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Local Dundas County mayors Steven Byvelds and Tony Fraser sat alongside SDSG Conservative candidate Eric Duncan to serve, or rather be served, as guest judges.

“There are a lot of perks to this job and this is definitely one of them!” joked North Dundas Mayor Tony Fraser.

When asked if he was cutting himself off of sweets for a while after eating so many tarts he laughed and said, “I have a sweet tooth that I’ll never get rid of! This type of thing should be held more often!”

There were a total of eight entries. The winning tarts were baked by Christine Schneckenberger.

Above, Baking competition winner, Christine Schneckenberger. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

The remaining tarts were sold off for $1 a piece.

Fraser purchased one of Adrian Lee’s who placed second. He said it was “delicious”.

Below is the complete list of Seed Show winners:

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