MP Lauzon shares his views on the new federal budget

MP Guy Lauzon listens to the public in his last federal finances-related consultation at The Ramada Inn, in October 2017. At the time, local business owners vented considerable fury at plans by Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau to increase taxes on small corporations — part of a national backlash. The Trudeau government significantly watered down its plans as a result. Lauzon will take input on Morneau's newest upcoming effort, the 2018 federal budget, Feb. 2 at The Ramada and The McIntosh Country Inn. Zandbergen photo

CORNWALL — Not surprisingly Local Member of Parliament Guy Lauzon is not a fan of the new federal budget laid out by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government.

“Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has released Budget 2019,” said MP Lauzon. “And it’s clear that they will do anything they can to try and distract Canadians during an election year, including plunging future generations further into debt by offering up $41 billion in new spending. We know the only way he will be able to pay for that is on the backs of the Canadian taxpayer through higher taxes. ”

A few topics in Budget 2019 include:

Skills training: Justin Trudeau is trying to distract from his corruption scandal by throwing around billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money. The reality is that $250 a year for ‘skills training’ will do nothing to help the tens of thousands of energy workers who just want pipelines built, or the autoworkers in Oshawa who just want to get back to work.

Housing: Justin Trudeau has, in fact, pushed the dream of homeownership further away by making it harder to save for a down payment. Life is more unaffordable for Canadians, including those who dream of owning their own home, as 80 percent of middle-income Canadians are paying higher taxes.

Seniors: Justin Trudeau has only made things worse for seniors who are worried about having enough money left over at the end of the month. He’s introduced a Carbon Tax that will increase the cost of gas, home heating and everyday essentials. Moreover, seniors have never been a priority for him. It took the Liberals three years to appoint a Minister responsible for seniors.

Pharmacare: The Liberals have been promising a pharmacare plan for decades and have done nothing about it. It was in their 1997 election platform and again in 2004. There is no reason to believe they will come through this time – especially given how desperate they are to change the channel from their corruption.

“Canadians want clear answers on the SNC-Lavalin scandal. The fact that Justin Trudeau would deliver this budget on the very same day that the Justice Committee, under the direction of the Liberal- majority, abruptly shut down their investigation into corrupt practices is a slap in the face to Canadians,said MP Lauzon. “We will continue to use every Parliamentary tool at our disposal to get the answers Canadians deserve.”

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