Township of North Dundas reveals 2019 Budget

NORTH DUNDAS — The 2019 final budget was passed at the regular meeting of Council on March 12. The budget consists of an overall municipal tax levy of $6,235,296, which represents an increase of $135,509 or 2.2 percent over 2018. This increase is less than the estimated “growth” within the Township of 1.2 percent plus the 2018 cost of living adjustment of 2.3 percent, totalling 3.5 percent.

The 2019 residential tax rate for Township purposes will decrease 3.83 percent. The current value assessment (CVA) within the Township is up 3.94 percent from 2018. The reduction in the tax rate will mitigate the impact of the increased assessment and will result in a slight decrease in the Township’s portion of the tax bill for 2019, as compared to 2018. For example, a residential home with a CVA in 2018 of $200,000 would have paid $830 in municipal taxes. This same home will have a CVA in 2019 of $207,880, but will pay $829.69 in municipal taxes, a decrease of $0.31.

Below is a breakdown of the 2019 budgeted revenues and expenditures by department and amounts required from taxation with 2018 comparisons.

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