Ford gov’t to switch trillium logo, pull plug on ‘three men in a hot tub’ design, CBC reports

ONTARIO — The governing Progressive Conservatives are set to flush the former Liberal government’s controversial refresh of the provincial logo, CBC reported late this week.

Citing unnamed government sources , the national broadcaster says the Ford regime’s recently revealed plan for a new licence plate slogan includes a remake of the Ontario trillium.

The logo design was largely unchanged since the early 1960s, until a McGuinty government overhaul in 2006. At the time, an NDP member of the legislature — the late Peter Kormos — compared the new McGuinty trillium to three men in a hot tub. The PC’s of the day also complained loudly about the nearly $220,000 cost of the redesign.

The CBC’s report this week suggests the Tories’ new take on the logo — to be used on all official ministry correspondence and documentation — would cost $89,000.

But is it really a new design or simply a switch back to the old one that the Tories have in mind? This month, the province’s newly licensed cannabis retail operations began sporting an official seal featuring the traditional logo of yesteryear.


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