Tribute to late Roy Fawcett returns Michael Hanna, Vanessa London, Garth Hampson and Sharon Adams to Winchester on May 5th

The featured performers are shown in their last Winchester appearance, in the lead-up to Christmas 2017. Local organist Sharon Adams appears at top right, where she played the instrument at the United Church that day. The foursome return to the venue May 5th. At centre is Vanessa London with Michael Hanna (inset) and “Singing Mountie” Garth Hampson at lower right. Zandbergen photos, Natioon Valley News

WINCHESTER — Four artists who last performed together on the Winchester United Church stage in 2017 — an event keenly appreciated by the late Roy Fawcett at the time — will return to the venue in memory of the North Dundas resident on May 5th.

Duo Michael Hanna and Vanessa London will lift their voices in song, as will “Singing Mountie” Garth Hampson. Local organ player Sharon Adams will bring her talents to the keys of the pipe organ at the church.

A local businessman and renowned purveyor of fine organs and pianos, Roy Fawcett died March 31st, 2018, at the age of 89.

Tickets to the 3 p.m. show are $15 apiece — or $30 with dinner afterward. See further details below.

The clip below shows Michael Hanna and Vanessa London performing at Winchester United Church in 2017, with Sharon Adams on the organ in background while Garth Hampson looks on from the stage; he’s visible in some parts of the video.
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