A successful Spring Olympics at North Dundas District High School

Above, this year's Minister of Communications, Asheley Wheeler, North Dundas District High School. Courtesy photo

by Ashley Wheeler
NDDHS, Minister of Communications

Last week began with collecting plastic shopping bags for the Plastic Grab Bag Challenge. These bags will be recycled, so bring in as many as you can! Friday, April 26 will be the last day to bring in your plastic bags! So far, we have collected over 2,000 bags, great job North Dundas!

On Thurs., April 18, North Dundas hosted Spring Olympics and a Hawaiian Dance. At Spring Olympics, students took part in trivia, a basketball free throw challenge, building a marshmallow tower, and paper airplane building. There was also a hot dog lunch provided! It was a fun afternoon for all grades. Thank you to the parents who helped prepare the lunch, and to the student helpers for making the afternoon run smoothly. The Hawaiian dance was a success, and students who attended had non-stop fun!

Sports such as Archery, Track and Field, Boys Baseball, and Girls Softball are having regular weekly practices. Soon enough, teams will be competing against other schools, so stay tuned to hear the results!

On Fri., April 26, Secondary midterm report cards will be sent home with students. We are already half way through second semester; keep up the good work ND!

See photos of the NDDHS Spring Olympics, below.

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