Expo Day; Full list of clues for the NVN Road2Expo Contest

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Every week leading up to the Expo, Nation Valley News has released a clue. There are a total of 10 clues. Nine clues of the clue are listed below. Visit Samantha’s Emporium’ booth #4 for your final clue. Then come back here to submit your final answer on one of our ballots for your chance to win! Happy sleuthing!

Clue #1:

‘All about North Dundas’

Clue #2:

‘The future’s so bright …’

Clue #3:

‘A fixture of Main Street’

Clue #4:

‘Lots of Shiny Things’

Clue #5:

‘A talented individual’

 Clue #6:

‘A settlement bears the name’

Clue #7:

‘A spot at the table’

Clue #8:

‘Baby boomer’

Clue #9:

‘Family jewels’

Clue #10:

Visit Samantha’s Emporium Booth #4 for final clue