Third annual Local Business Expo opens this morning in Winchester; see full schedule here

In this screen capture, North Dundas Chamber of Commerce President and Nation Valley News founder Nelson Zandbergen demonstrates a two-camera live-streaming system during set-up for the 2019 Local Business Expo last night. NVN intends to stream some of the stage activities today (stage is visible in background).

WINCHESTER — The Joel Steele Community Centre (Winchester Arena) brims with activity today as the site of the third annual Local Business Expo.

A joint venture of the North Dundas Chamber of Commerce and the Township of North Dundas, this year’s edition features more than 100 exhibitors on two levels at the facility.

Below, a glimpse of the show during set-up on Friday night.

Door prizes, tree giveaway

Admission is free to the public and comes with a chance to win door prizes like one of 20 potted cedar trees provided by the township in coordination with South Nation Conservation. Those entities have also teamed up to give away 800 silver maple seedlings on a first-come, first-served basis at the township booth.

Doors open at 9 a.m. for the Expo. In a couple of highlights, the event features celebrity guests Lynn Spence, a fashion guru known for her appearances on City TV and whose foray into North Dundas comes courtesy of Main Street Clothing Company ; and Michael Tayler, an Olympic kayaker appearing on behalf of RBC. Spence and Tayler are set to respectively take the show stage at noon and 3 p.m.

Winchester BMR will also have a fun mascot at the Expo — a giant green woodpecker associated with the BMR brand.

See the full schedule below.

WIN a FREE t-shirt and $100 Gift Card courtesy of Samantha’s Emporium at Local Business Expo today (April 27, 2019) in Winchester

WINCHESTER — Every week leading up to the Expo, Nation Valley News has released a clue in our ‘Road to Expo’ contest.

There are a total of 10 clues, and nine of them have been released now (see below). Visit the Samatha’s Emporium booth for the final clue and turn in your final answer (based on all of the clues) on a ballot at the Nation Valley News booth for a chance to win.

Happy sleuthing!

Clue #1:
‘All about North Dundas’

Clue #2:
‘The future’s so bright …’

Clue #3:
‘A fixture of Main Street’

Clue #4:
‘Lots of Shiny Things’

Clue #5:
‘A talented individual’

Clue #6:
‘A settlement bears the name’

Clue #7:
‘A spot at the table’

Clue #8:
‘Baby boomer’

Clue #9:

‘Family jewels’

Clue #10 … visit Samantha’s Emporium Booth for this final clue.

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