Cat free from roof where it was stuck for days

CHESTERVILLE — A cat appears to be stuck on the roof of an apartment building here, capturing the attention of locals on social media.

A resident of the building says the feline has been on the roof “for days.” Other locals on Facebook report that the cat has been atop the building, located at the corner of King and Queen Street East,  since last Friday. A commenter says an unsuccessful attempt was made to rescue the cat that day as well.

Captured on video this afternoon by Nation Valley News, the animal appeared lethargic in the sunshine, its eyes closed and head poking out beside a chimney. It didn’t seem likely to have access to water on the steep pitches of the dark-coloured roof.

But don’t expect the fire department or police detachment to intervene in Disney-esque fashion. SD&G OPP Const. Tylor Copeland described the situation as “really a landlord issue at this point.”

Update: The cat has come down, jumping off a lower part of the roof and scurrying away when a young man approached it.

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