UCDSB Student Lucas Burns turns Instagram account into successful part-time career

Above, Rideau District High School student Lucas Burns is pictured beside a computer displaying his Instagram account @nba.in_depth, which he has transformed into a growing business. Courtesy photo

EASTERN ONTARIO — At just 18, Lucas Burns from Rideau District High School has turned his Instagram account, @nba.in_depth, into a growing business. The account has nearly 94,000 followers, which has allowed him to monetize it by selling ads. He currently sells ads for anything from basketballs to headsets, generating approximately $2,000 in annual sales.

Lucas starts his day at 5 a.m. to update the account, reviewing all NBA games from the previous night. He reviews player stats, searching for anomalies to create interesting posts. On any given morning, he may share his playoff predictions or detail top performers from the previous night, generating discussion by stating who he thought played the best. He even searches for interesting facts from NBA history to include in his posts.

An avid Instagramer and basketball fanatic, he started the account two years ago to combine his passions.

“I started following the NBA and after listening to commentators I wanted to talk about the NBA too, so I just started talking about it,” he explained. “What I really love is observing statistics, and taking what I see and love and creating interesting content.”

The Grade 12 student has a talent for social media marketing and an understanding of how to garner interest online, and those skills have been further developed through course work and help from staff at Rideau DHS. He explains how his Grade 10 photography course has helped boost his photo-editing skills, and how he’s sought advice on how to enhance the flow of his posts from English teachers. An entrepreneurship course taught him about effective marketing visuals, and a data management course has helped enhanced his analytical skills, which has helped him to dig deeper and make connections with NBA statistics.

Outside of his entrepreneurial endeavors, Lucas has an 89 percent average, is president of the Rideau Athletic Association and is a leading player on the senior boys’ basketball team. He’s also a member of the senior boys’ volleyball team.

In the fall, Lucas will return to RDHS for a final year and will later attend Carleton University for the Communications and Media Studies program. His long-term plan is to become an NBA analyst, either for TSN or by growing his Instagram account into a full- time business.

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