River Institute Milestone celebrates 25 years

CORNWALLThe River Institute and its Board of Directors recently recognized 25 years since the inception of the River Institute in Cornwall.  The Annual General Meeting, held on April 10, brought together dignitaries, past Board members, staff, and partners to reflect on the growth and accomplishments of the organization over the years.

Accolades were presented by MP Guy Lauzon and Mayor Bernadette Clement, who reflected on insight of the River Institute’s founding partners and the impact the Institute has provided for the City of Cornwall and the counties of SD&G.  

The River Institute affirmed its Board of Directors for the upcoming year and welcomed new members to the Board. The 2019-2020 Board consists of: Walter Oeggerli (Chair), Brent Stajkowski (Vice Chair), Luc Lacelle (Treasurer), Robin Poole (Secretary), Trea Tuck, Glen Grant, Debora Daigle, John Gleed, Stephen Alexander, Diana Rourke, Jackie Baird, Kirsten Gardner, Jennifer Haley, Todd Bennett, Chief April Adams-Philips and Henry Lickers.

Attendees and guests heard comments from Walter Oeggerli, Board Chair, and a 25th Anniversary presentation by various staff members who reviewed the past, present, and future activities for the River Institute.  The anniversary celebrations continue this spring with a ‘Lunch and Learn’ series May 6-10, the River Symposium on May 29-30, and a celebration event on June 20.

For more information contact Christina Collard at 613-936-6620 (222), email ccollard@riverinstitute.ca, or visit www.riverinstitute.ca.  For details and information on other River Institute programming please visit or follow the River Institute on Facebook and Twitter.

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