Spending taxpayers’ money to fight over taxes in court, smells like more taxes to me

by Garfield Marks

Have you ever thought, so much of our tax dollars would be spent defining and protecting the jurisdictions of our politicians?

Take the court battles over the carbon tax. Our taxes are paying for the provinces to protect their right to control polluting of our air, our taxes are paying for the federal government to protect their right to control polluting of our air and our taxes are also paying the judicial costs, to hear all the arguments.

As individual taxpayers we pay these bills. Does it matter if our money goes to the province or the nation? To politicians, it matters because they like to be seen as the decision makers, but to the lowly taxpayers it does not matter. We, being at the very bottom of the food chain, have so many levels of governments forcing decisions on us, yet we pay all their bills.

Our premiers are up and arms blustering on about the federal government intruding on their turf, while intruding on or planning on intruding on other provincial turfs, municipal turfs, school board turfs, health care turfs, individuals’ rights’ turfs, and the list goes on.

General thinking has it that perhaps some premiers would like to be prime minister, and if successful would they then ride roughshod over every other level of government and individuals’ rights?

Are all our politicians such power hungry, control freaks?

If we did not have all these fights over jurisdictions, maybe our taxes would go down? Perhaps we could balance some budgets?

To us lowly tax payers it makes little difference who gets credit for something as long as it just gets done. I know politicians need to take credit for every good thing while blaming everyone else for the bad. It  just means more taxes.

Below, day 4 of the Ontario government’s appeal of the federal carbon tax, at the Ontario Court of Appeal.
Below, CBC reports on the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal’s split decision against that provincial government’s carbon-tax challenge.
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