Littered ditches tell a tale of continued drinking and driving

Courtesy photo by Paul Allan

The Editor:

Despite the harsh penalties and the heavy publicity of drinking and driving nowadays, it must be OK to do it in North Dundas/North Grenville and everywhere else a vehicle may go.

With a recent morning collection of 533 beer/liquor cans and the vast bottles collected over a 23-km stretch, I need to make honourable mentions:

Kudos to the guy that travels Highway 43 between Hallville Rd. and Mountain Rd. for throwing 41 Bud cans out your window going to wherever your going. You could have bought two more fresh beers if you would have saved them.

The moron that threw out three fresh Labbatt cans in a 25-foot stretch, same side of a recently cleaned sponsored highway.

(Great job, Roses, for looking after your 3-km stretch. Sorry that we have inconsiderate people out there.)

I can’t forget to mention Mr. or Mrs. Blackfly Margaritta for depositing your 17 plastics all along South Gower drive, north of 43. Thanks for pairing them up when throwing them out your vehicle while you joyride.

The garbage out there is unbelievable, it’s everywhere.

Thank you to the ones who have done their share, whether it’s picking stuff up or to the ones that keep it in their vehicle and dispose of it in a garbage can.

To the people that continue to mysteriously throw it out, especially on people’s property, two words for you … I’ll let you figure it out.

Drive Safe Everyone!

Paul Allan

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