TCS students celebrate science, environment, and their community during annual Open House

Above, Grade 1/2 students studied plants and horticulture. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

WILLIAMSBURG — How to be good stewards and caretakers of God’s creation. That was the message staff at Timothy Christian School were teaching their students who then taught the public during their annual spring Open House. This year’s open house was called ‘Celebration of Learning’.

Parents and families of the students were invited to take a tour around the school. Each Grade spoke about a specific aspect of science and the environment.

The Grade 1&2’s learned about plant growing and horticulture. Each student grew a different type of plant and had it displayed on their desk.

“Each plant will be donated to the House of Lazarus food bank community garden, once they are big enough,” explained their teacher Alyssa DeKleine.  

Students in Grade 5/6 conducted an environmental experiment.

They collected the garbage from around the school and weighed it.

To their dismay the garbage weighed in at 3 kg.

After the reveal of the shocking weight the students decided they wanted to do their part to help the environment by cutting down the amount of waste in their school.

They now go through the school’s garbage daily and have cut their waste in half by doing more recycling and composting.

Braydon — a Grade 5 student — explained how their class trip to the Cornwall Landfill was a real eye-opener.

“They do quite a lot,” he said.

Other grades spoke about bees, space, and community outreach.

One class had a station where students, staff, and parents were to fill jars with all the dry ingredients needed to make beef stroganoff.

The jars will be donated to the local food bank.

Attendees also enjoyed many yummy refreshments and musical entertainment put on by the whole school finished off the affair.

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