Inspector challenge a success — over $2000 raised for the Children’s Treatment Center

SD&G — Stormont Dundas and Glengarry Inspector Mike Mulhearn was challenged on May 8, to raise funds for the Children’s Treatment Center (CTC) at their annual Breakfast meeting by the Mayor of Oshawa, Dan Carter.

The inspector’s challenge was to get as much corporate and personal donations during the next 48 hours that he could.

The challenged proved to be a successful venture. A total of $2235 was raised for the local Children’s Treatment center.

The CTC is a community based, community supported agency committed to the prevention and treatment of child abuse in Cornwall, SDG Counties and Akwesasne.

They provide free and immediate assessment and treatment to any child in need and that child’s family. The Centre is a unique agency. It is entirely funded by the community it serves and receives no government funding. As such, it is able to channel the bulk of its resources towards those who need it the most – the children.

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