2019 edition of 100 Men Who Care launched in North Dundas; register now

Above, Winning charities of last year's 100 Men Who Care North Dundas. Zandbergen photo

Organizers with the inaugural edition of 100 Men Who Care North Dundas pose with representatives of the recipient organizations chosen by 136 participating men last year. In front are Cindy Peters (left) of the Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation ($3,600) and Sandy Casselman of the House of Lazarus, whose Handyman Heroes program took top spot and was awarded $10,000. In back, from left, Dan Gasser, Diane Crummy, Eric Duncan, Devon Byers and Dan Pettigrew. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News


NORTH DUNDAS — With another immensely successful edition of 100 Women Who Care earlier in May, the 100 Men Who Care chapter has launched their second annual campaign in North Dundas.

The fundraising pitch is simple: 100 men bring $100 each to a one-hour event to raise $10,000, all of which will go to local charities voted on by the participants. There are thousands of chapters of the “100 Who Care” movement, including ones in South Dundas and North Grenville.

In their inaugural year, the local men’s Committee brought together 136 men raising $13,600 for two local causes: the House of Lazarus’ Handyman Heroes program ($10,000) and Winchester District Memorial Hospital ($3,600).

“We were really happy with how our first event went last year at former Nestlé plant in Chesterville, so we knew that night that this would be an annual, reoccurring event like other 100 Who Care chapters in the area,” said 100 Men Who Care North Dundas Chair Eric Duncan. “The response so far has been encouraging. We have a lot of men already returning from last year and bringing someone new, so we are excited to get things going.”

Below, see footage of last year’s debut edition of 100 Men Who Care North Dundas. The video thumbnail shows Peter Vanderlind pitching his cause — a Chesterville Fair show ring project — to the assembled men.

The date for the 2019 event is set for Thursday, September 26th at the Joel Steele Community Centre with a cash bar and light snacks being served.

Men interested in more information and wanting to sign up can visit www.100northdundas.com. The $100 donation is not required at the time of online registration, but rather participants bring a blank cheque with them on September 26th. All participants will receive a $100 tax receipt for their donation.

“Last year, we had a great start with 136 men signing up. We are hoping to break 200 this year like the women’s event in the spring,” said committee member Dan Gasser. “The more participants that sign up, the more funds we are able to distribute at the event, so we’re encouraging everyone to sign up and bring a friend or two.”

Information for charities on how to apply to participate can be found on the website. Regular email updates will be provided to the enrolled men.

Below, the pitches and successful recipients in this year’s affiliated 200 Women’s Women Who Care event, earlier this spring. The thumbnail shows the Chesterville Agricultural Society’s Peter Vanderlind. 

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