Dundas looking for youth achieving great things in the municipality

Above, South Dundas Municipal building. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

SOUTH DUNDAS — It’s no secret that South Dundas is a socially active community, home to many volunteers and individuals achieving great feats. South Dundas thrives from the organizations, volunteers and residents that continuously make positive impacts on the area. What you may be surprised to learn is that among these groups are avid and enthusiastic youth. These individuals are creating personal success for themselves, as well as making South Dundas an overall better place to live.

This summer, the Municipality of South Dundas is looking to recognize outstanding youth who are frequently making a difference and are accomplishing major achievements. Accomplishments can be anything from someone volunteering their time at local organizations, achieving high academic success, or being a mentor for younger youth. Residents can nominate youth between the ages of 15-29 by emailing the name of the youth they are nominating, along with a brief description of the achievements to klowson@southdundas.com. Those chosen will have the chance to be featured in a story profile shared with the rest of the community.

“We know that youth are accomplishing great things within the community,” said Kaeghan Lowson, Youth Engagement Intern. “By recognizing youth, we hope to encourage them to continue striving for high success in South Dundas, as well as to get others more involved within the community.”

Youth Engagement in South Dundas

During the months of May through August, the Municipality of South Dundas is embarking on a journey of completing a strategy for improving youth engagement amongst the community. Youth play a key role in the future success and growth of South Dundas as a Municipality and a community, which is why having engaged youth in local governance and the overall community is so important. The focus of the strategy is to give youth a platform for their voices’ to be heard.

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