Letter writer Alan Burns says, he and his family “are overwhelmed at the outpouring of support” they have received

Above,(l-r) Recent double-leg amputee and beneficiant Cathy Burns laying in her hospital bed alongside her 24-year-old son Aaron and husband Alan Burns. Courtesy photo

To the Editor,

Cathy, Aaron, myself and the rest of Cathy family are overwhelmed at the outpouring of support and love from our community. It is a great help to Cathy’s healing process to know that so many people care about her. She it’s working as hard as she can to get home and resume her regular life.

We cannot thank Colton Stitt and the organizing committee enough for all the work that went into the benefit dance and all the people and companies that donated things for the auctions we thank you.

Thank you,

Alan Burns

Editor’s Note: Local-area residents recently held a benefit dance and auction to benefit Cathy Burns, a double-amputee in need of donations to cover rehabilitation and home renovation costs.

Her husband Alan Burns wanted to reach out to the public and to those who organized the fundraiser to thank them for their overwhelming success.

The total funds raised are not being publicized but organizer Colton Stitt says the event was “very successful!”


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