Letter writer says, “Community Living Dundas County needs board members”

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The Editor:

Attention engaged and passionate citizens! Community Living Dundas County needs board members! I am writing this letter with the intent to rally the troops to advocate with and for people in our community with intellectual disabilities. I have a personal interest in this effort, it’s true. I am a parent of a young man that is a citizen of this community but who also requires the community and its services to sometimes flex and bend to meet his needs. Sometimes this is possible but unfortunately, more often it is not. This is an important issue because, compared to people without intellectual disabilities, people with intellectual disabilities are more likely to experience health and social problems (many that are preventable) but they are also more likely to face barriers to getting services to address these problems. You may ask, why should I care? The answer is: we are often unaware that as humans we are all temporary abled and will all require support in some form. At some point in our lives, each of us will have changing abilities to take care of ourselves and will require help from others. Some examples would be your experiences recovering from surgery, or maybe supporting your aging family members, or job losses.

This community is rich with caring and skilled citizens that steer many initiatives to make a difference and improve some of the challenges and barriers within our community. Many of the challenges within our community are compounded for people with intellectual disabilities; housing insecurity, income, health and social service gaps, education and employment opportunities to name a few. In the coming months many provincial changes are coming too. We don’t know what they will be but we do know that as humans, all requiring support from others at some point, and as engaged citizens of this community, we need to work together so to ensure needed supports are there for everyone.

Please consider sharing your time as a member of the Community Living Board.

Anna Don

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