‘Boots & Bling’ successfully kicks up the community’s heels for WDMH

The crowd at Boots & Bling, last Saturday night at the Matilda Hall. Facebook photo

DIXONS CORNERS — The Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation’s annual spring gala — branded this year as ‘Boots & Bling’ — whipped up a success worthy of a joyful ‘yeehaw!’ from the event organizers.

Saturday night’s event drew hundreds of WDMH supporters to the Matilda Hall in the Municipality of South Dundas. Fundraisers are a vital part of the local hospital’s existence as the community institution does not receive provincial funding for equipment purchases.

See the complete article on the evening.

Below, auctioneer Brandon Scheepers sells an item that evening.

In the Facebook photo below, the Foundation’s Cindy Peters (left) and Kristin Casselman (right) pose with attendee Francine Duncan.

Event emcee Rachelle Elie addresses the audience, below.

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