SDG Council continues to neglect County Rd. 8

The Editor:

In response to local media coverage about County Rd. 8/18 being left out of the Counties’ paving budget, I must observe that section of road has been in disrepair for at least 10 years with many motorists choosing to drive half on the shoulder of the road to avoid the potholes and dips in the road.

Several years ago, motorists had put up handmade signs to draw attention to the poor quality of the road. These were taken down.

About eight years ago, I was travelling along that section of the road trying to avoid the potholes and bumps by going slow and driving on the shoulder in particularly bad sections. A police cruiser with his lights and siren on stopped me and inquired as to what was wrong with me. I explained the poor condition of the road and was informed that the speed was 80 km/h. I refuse to drive that speed and risk damaging my car.

Why has this section of a very busy County Rd. 8 been neglected for so many years and still not in a budget to be repaired?

Carol Barkley

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