United Way/Centraide of S. D. & G. welcomed over 30 guests at annual AGM

Above, pictured left to right; Andrew Donihee - United Way Board Chair, Lew Stanley - Volunteer Hero and Juliette Labossiere - United Way Executive Director. Courtesy photo

SDG — The United Way/ Centraide of S. D. & G. welcomed a group of over 30 guests and board members to the 2019 Annual General Meeting this morning held at the United Counties of S. D. & G. building on Pitt Street.

“We, at the United Way, have the ability to work with the community and our 16 partnered agencies to make sure our finger is solidly on the pulse of the undercurrents of our region and we can be ready and willing to step in and contribute to long term and sustainable change.”

“Our community still has too many #UNIGNORABLE issues that I am not willing to accept, but with the ongoing support of this community and the hard work of our partnered agencies we can create the necessary change,” says Juliette Labossière – United Way/Centraide of S. D. & G. Executive Director.

United Way/Centraide of S. D. & G. took the time during the breakfast to recognize some very important volunteers. These volunteers go above and beyond and we are so grateful to call them our United Way Heroes! Lew Stanley – Workplace Hero, Angie Baker – Board Hero and Karen & Ray Brunet – Event Heroes.

Board Chair, Andrew Donihee welcomed two new board members; Binal Bhavasar – Account Manager from Cornwall & The Counties Community Futures Development Corporation and Kelly Tessier –Owner of Service Master Restore of Cornwall. Donihee also said farewell to three amazing individuals that served on the board for the past six years, Nolan Quinn — Past President, as well as Angie Baker and Heather Megill – Directors.

If you wish to get involved or find out how you can be a United Way Hero please contact our office.

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