Kin Club of Russell holds its last general meeting of this fiscal year

Pictured above: From left to right; Diane Lacroix (Rookie of the Year),Doug Anthony (Kin of the Year), Diane (Sauvé) Hayes (Rookie of the Year) and Cindy Anthony, President. Courtesy photo

RUSSELL — The Kin Club of Russell held its final meeting of this Kin year on June 24. This very young, very accomplished and multi-award-winning club has 48 members. Celebrated on this evening were recipients of this year’s Rookie of the Year and Kin of the Year. This year’s president Cindy Anthony presented the Rookie of the Year award to two members. Both women have always lived in the area and oddly enough both are from the same neighbouring town of Carlsbad Springs; Diane Lacroix and Diane (Sauvé) Hayes. The honour of Kin of the Year went to Kin Doug Anthony for his leadership role in many of the events and for his mentorship of new members and new executive members over the year.

Although the fiscal year is ended, the Kin Club of Russell is active in the community with the planning of events for the next fiscal year and you will surely hear of upcoming opportunities with the club over the summer. Expect to see Catch their Ace project back soon and this time, it will also be available for online purchases. The Kin Club is always recruiting extraordinary members of all ages and there are different levels of membership to suit everyone. They encourage students to join to learn about their community and be involved with people of varying experiences to enrich their education, speaking skills and personal development.  

More information is available through the Kin Club of Russell at 613-445-6483;, or on Facebook at Kin Club of Russell.

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