Yes, Canada Day fireworks are a go in Iroquois, 10 p.m. tonight

A vessel enters the Iroquois locks, site of the village's fireworks display this evening. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

IROQUOIS — This Seaway village lacked organized Canada Day activities for the first time in many years today — but that isn’t stopping Iroquois firefighters from firing off an impressive fireworks display this evening.

Just as they do every July 1st, the “Iroquois Firefighter’s Association are doing fireworks tonight from their usual spot beside the dam,” says Christa St. Pierre, Public Fire & Life Safety Educator for South Dundas Fire & Emergency Services.  “The firefighters really wanted to keep them going, even though the daytime activities were not,” adds St. Pierre whose husband, Trevor, is a firefighter with the Iroquois station.

The annual light show always sets the sky a-booming with explosions of colour above the Iroquois locks and St. Lawrence River. “The view will be great from the beach to the locks and anywhere in between. They start at 10pm sharp,” she says.

The Association and the Iroquois-Matilda Lions Club — which declined to run the usual daytime activities on Iroquois Point this year — as well as the Municipality of South Dundas all pitched in to this year’s show.  St. Pierre also says the Association “worked with Hands Fireworks to get the best ‘bang for their buck,’ literally!”

For crowd-weary Canada Day fans, Iroquois just might be the best local ticket to catch a quality fireworks show tonight.

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