Dairyfest kicks off with talent contest by Open Mic Night, continues today

WINCHESTER — They sang, spoke and performed on the Winchester Old Town Hall stage Thursday night as one of Dairyfest’s early events drew an audience to the venue. (Also see the full Dairyfest schedule below).

The field of talent show competitors included children, teens and adults. In the end, the judges conferred and Open Mic Night organizer Ann Brady awarded prizes to:

First Prize Kids under 13 $100

Liam West 

Second Prize Kids under 13 $ 75

RJ Young                                                                          

Third Prize Kids under 13 $ 50

Harrison Burt

“Most Promising Performer” Special Award $ 50

Sophia McRostie

First Prize Youth 13+ $ 100

Elyse Morin

Second Prize Youth 13+ $ 75

Braxton Bowers

(Note: There was no Third Prize awarded in the Youth 13+ category)

First Prize Adults 18+ $ 100

John King

Second Prize Adult 18+ $ 75

Rick Ventrella & Sandra Mc Neill

Third Prize Adults 18+ $ 50

Loretta Lachance

Dairyfest continues today in Winchester.


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