Special delivery for WDMH! Wireless fetal monitor supports safer and more comfortable care 

WINCHESTER — It takes nine months to make a baby – and apparently it takes even longer to order a new wireless fetal monitor to support the best patient care! The WDMH Foundation is pleased to share our happy news. The new monitor has arrived and is now up and running in the Birthing Rooms. Training on the new machine was completed at the end of June. 

“Because of the 100 Women and Men Who Care about North Dundas and many other donors, we were able to purchase the new wireless monitor and its base station. This is an essential piece of equipment in our labour and delivery unit and its purchase was only possible because of donor generosity and the caring nature of the community that embraces WDMH. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this special delivery possible,” says Kristen Casselman, Managing Director of the Foundation. 

Sometimes babies go into distress during labour. Healthcare providers are aware of these issues because moms are fitted with a fetal monitor. The monitor provides constant crucial information about the baby’s movements, mom and baby’s heart rates, and other important data

Labouring moms are often encouraged to move around by standing, walking, or maybe even taking a shower or bath. However, it’s hard to do any of that when confined to a bed because of the need for monitoring. The new machine is wireless, which means a labouring mom can move around as recommended. This gives her options and the ability to listen to her body – helping her to labour in a way that is best for her. 

The wireless monitor and stand cost $35,441.29. The new one replaces an aging unit. 

“Many people are surprised to learn that the Ontario government does not fund medical equipment in our hospitals,” adds Kristen Casselman. “We are so grateful for your support.”

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