Duncan takes aim at Trudeau government spending spree, alleges local riding gets nothing anyway

Conservative candidate Eric Duncan makes his first federal election campaign appearance in Dundas County, at Stone Crop Acres Winery in Morrisburg. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

MORRISBURG — Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry Conservative candidate Eric Duncan took aim at the Trudeau Liberals for running big deficits throughout their term while “making a lot of spending announcements” in the lead-up to the expected election call.

“You will recall that Justin Trudeau promised four years ago that this year the budget would be balanced,” Duncan told a crowd of 150 supporters gathered at a local winery — Stone Crop Acres — Sept. 5. “It’s not, not even close,” he added.

Trudeau’s funding announcements in the past few months alone amount to “billions” across “thousands of pledges,” the former North Dundas mayor declared, noting that Canada’s finances need to be “put back in order.”

But residents of the local riding should also receive back their “fair share” of federal dollars as well, he said, alleging the Trudeau Liberals haven’t invested in Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry.

“Ask yourself … ‘How much of that has come back here locally?” he said, telling the audience to pay attention to Trudeau’s most recent and upcoming funding promises in advance of the writ. “I struggle to see many projects … I can’t name one single infrastructure project in our riding of significant amount, that we’ve benefited from.”

The stump speech was Duncan’s first since the official opening of his Cornwall campaign office a week earlier, an event attended by over 300 people including former Harper government cabinet minister John Baird.

Duncan’s Morrisburg appearance also came as the rival governing party finally nominated its S-D-SG candidate: Heather Megill will again carry the Liberal mantle as she did during the 2018 provincial election.

See the proceedings in the clip below.

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