Beautiful fog leads to dangerous driving

Above, The sun cast a beautiful glow across a field, captured on drive into work. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

NATION VALLEY — It is only mid-September and the foggy-autumn weather has already begun. Driving into work this morning this reporter couldn’t help but notice the many careless drivers on the road. 

An abundance of cars were seen without their lights on in the heavy fog. Several people were walking along the highways wearing dark clothing and one little boy was forced to run across Highway 2 to catch his bus, undoubtedly in fear of oncoming cars that may not have seen his stationary school bus and flashing lights. Another car was seen passing the one in front of it when it narrowly missed an oncoming truck — which had its 4-ways on — just behind a school bus.  

Local OPP Detachments have already begun to remind motorists to drive more carefully and cautiously during this early-fall weather. 

Be safe out there!

Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Smith photo, Nation Valley News

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