Liberal election signs vandalized in South Dundas

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Courtesy photo by Nathon Merkley.


Nelson Zandbergen
Nation Valley News

SOUTH DUNDAS — The election signs of Liberal candidate Heather Megill have been defaced with paint in South Dundas.

The latest incidents showed up this morning in Morrisburg where Megill’s face was blacked out on a couple of signs along County Rd. 2, near Upper Canada Motors. The damage followed yesterday’s bombshell apology by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for appearing in blackface at events before he entered politics.

NVN learned yesterday that five of the candidate’s signs had been vandalized with blue and red paint at the Iroquois roundabout and opposite that village’s shopping plaza.

NDP supporter Jen Pretty of Brinston, a volunteer with Kelsey Catherine Schmitz’s campaign, said she noticed the damage as she drove into Iroquois. “It’s not right,” said Pretty. The Schmidt camp contacted the Liberals, who authorized Pretty to retrieve the wrecked signs on their behalf.

“It hurts our democracy and our country relies on democracy. All the candidates believe in the democratic process,” said Pretty.

Adrian Bugelli, campaign co-chair for Conservative candidate Eric Duncan, condemned those who would vandalize election signs. “It is absolutely unforgivable and should have no place in elections or otherwise. No candidate should be subject to hateful messages or vandalism of their signs,” he said. “We can disagree on issues and policy but I believe all candidates are unified on this subject.”

Bugelli said the Duncan campaign has also received  “a few calls from supporters in Iroquois, whose signs have been stolen off their property and found others tossed in ditches.”

He added, “It’s disrespectful to all candidates and to the volunteers who donate their time and efforts putting up signs for every party.”

Duncan himself also denounced the vandals in a Facebook post. “We can disagree on policy, but it doesn’t need to involve damaging other candidates’ property,” wrote the Tory candidate. “Volunteers raise funds and spend a lot of time to install them, we need to respect and appreciate that.”

Interfering with election signs is an offence under Canada’s Criminal Code.

As of this morning, the SD&G OPP say the detachment has not yet received a complaint on these incidents in Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry.

A Liberal candidate in British Columbia also saw his election signs ruined this week with paint sprayed over his portrait to make him appear in blackface.

NVN happened upon Megill replacing her damaged Morrisburg signs later in the day, and the candidate addressed the situation on video. (See below.)

Below, supplied images of Megill’s signs that turned up damaged yesterday in Iroquois.

This article was edited to add Eric Duncan’s statement and video footage of Heather Megill’s statements on the situation.




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